SDGs framework for business environment

38 cases analysed
6 countries covered
9 organisations involved

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy inclusion, peace and prosperity. To address and tackle social, economic and global issues, and help countries, governments and societies in combating them, SDGs define global priorities and aspirations for 2030 for the planet to "eliminate extreme discrimination, poverty and put the humanity on a path of sustainability". In order to help companies contribute to the realization of the SDGs, UN created ''The SDG Compass", as United Nation stated "it presents five steps for companies to maximize their contribution to the SDGs". Still, this is only the beginning and companies need more knowledge. This project wishes to be a part of the solution.
Having the knowledge and experience to change the perspective how business leaders think about certain matters, it was a must we join this consortium. The team was impeccable for the job and we saw where our value lies within the main goal.

Getting in depth with the project and case studies, our team realised how SDGs can work as guiding principles for various companies to both profit and do good.

Applying contextual research tools and big data analysis revealed to us that one of the major obstacles is the decision which SDGs to choose to apply. Companies take the most obvious or most talked about and focus on execution, not integral implementation. Therefore, the focus is on PR and marketing, not strategy and innovation. They are consciously locking the potential for growth.
Based on variety of workshops and research we concluded that companies would benefit from SDGs greatly if: individual context business is operating in is clear, chosen SDGs are aligning with problems at hand, not mission in general, SDGs are seen as tools for strategy, not PR statements.
Creating this framework and presenting it to relevant stakeholders put us on a spotlight. Since then we are doing keynotes on the subject and applying know-how for various organisations in the region. Discussing problems and conducting workshops helped us to tailor the approach even better.

Now we see how SDGs applied correctly can create more than a profit. It creates resilience which derives from community acknowledgement and trust.

Such resilience drives companies through crisis and economic crunches.