Product positioning blitz research

2 countries
2 creative campaigns
1 month

Deciding what product to upgrade or where the service line to expand is difficult. The action requires in depth understanding of the current sociocultural landscape, (not-yet)customers, tendencies and upcoming changes in the market. Go3 had two product positioning scenarios that looked the same in terms of the impact it may possibly lead to.

Thus, we came with our contextual interpretation in order to understand these options and their actual appeal to customers.

Our team was very much constrained by the time frame, we managed to blitz research the product and apply that knowledge when interpreting what was expressed in the interviews. Our team paid great attention not only to the answers, but also to the supporting stories told by people. It allowed proper sensemaking to happen with the data collected on time. We distilled the information into the main communication pillars:

The people. People are more motivated to choose if the choice threatens to worsen the status quo, not if it improves it. Life is changing fast and in order to keep the quality of life as it is, the service and content has to update. People need to acknowledge this line of argument.

The tools. Medium is the message (as known from M. Mcluhan), and the tools shape how the content is being experienced. Therefore, the relationship between tools as functionalities and content is very tight. People need to understand how that certain combination gives them that comfort and joy they seek.

The ecosystem. Technologies help markets to become more efficient and frictionless. The standards for the majority of services are set upon what the newest software and hardware allows them. Therefore, the functionalities by themselves are never enough. So what is that additional part that exceeds pure technological solutions and creates value.

The irregularities. People live everyday lives that do not necessarily coincide with the depiction in various TV ads. Watching television in the background, drinking morning coffee in front of a news feed, thinking about TV as an everyday ritual and more indicate the need of service personalization to meet the actual human needs.

Taking this into account, Go3 should frame the messaging as short stories about how it enables people to keep up with the world in a variety of different moments in life. Go3 has to tell the story about the community stories it shapes with technology and content.

Go3 is the largest region-wise subscription-based service that offers diverse Live and on-demand content, accessible on phones, laptops, tablets, and more.