New tourist route connecting craftsmanship and education

36 thous. estimated additional tourist accommodations
6 partner organisations
2 countries with coordinated actions across the border

We were approached by a well-known Kintai activists to help them navigate in becoming one of the main cultural tourism centres within the region. They had a political support but they were stuck with the ideation and finances. Based on our know-how in project funding and wide network we suggested to work on a few international programmes.

Our team gathered to conduct few sessions to better understand scope and long-term goals. It was clear that these people has the potential to change Kintai town and the whole region for the better.
After researching the context of a place and mapping its cultural resources we identified a great potential in a specific niche of tourism. Moreover global trends were indicating that this was a right move to make.

Building historical ships is one of the education programmes

Enabling people to feel nature while learning local area-specific crafts was at the core.

Also we revealed a need to connect with unusual neighbours to create a new tourism route - to connect Kaliningrad and Kintai. This path was long forgotten and created an interest around it. Connecting these dots and describing the context and perspective allowed us to secure all of the funding with a first shot.

Kintai soon will become a hub for culture events in a perfect cradle of nature. Most importantly it will cultivate crafts that reminds people of what it is to master live materials, not only plastic and glass.