Every decision asks for truth. It has to be defined by the real world and its governing principles. Only such answers are sound and has a long lasting impact.

Our team researches various situations deeper than it is common for standard organizational processes. We apply human sciences to reveal reasons within a particular context. It forms an understanding that is used for further development.
This distinct approach to a situation brings us to various teams working on different cases from product development and identity creation to urban planning and community enhancement. With our work we are trying to understand a particular phenomenon in essence and use this knowledge to solve strategic problems.


  • Eugenijus Kaminskis

    A detail oriented professional connecting strategy to measurable actions. His focus is policy making, creative placemaking, and cultural economics.
    Loves dipping into ice water and Duke Ellington.

  • Zemartas Budrys

    A sustainability enthusiast deliberately linking art and innovation. He concentrates on international projects, community building, and sharing economy.
    Loves picking mushrooms in the forest.

  • Dominykas Karpovic

    An intensive ideator bridging gaps through unconventional methods. Innovation, decision-making process, and strategy are at the core of his work.
    Loves slow conversations.

  • Egle Vitkute

    A stirring process designer, seeking a positive social impact in different contexts. Focuses on sustainable urban development, community empowerment, social innovation, strategic and visual communication.
    Italian language and participatory theatre enthusiast.

  • Julija Sredersaite

    A diplomatic professional easily adapts different ways of thinking, sees connections between different objects, finds creative solutions to complicated situations. Her focus is on people and improving the quality of their life.
    Loves long walks in nature.

    Social impact with

    Reach For Change
    Code Academy Kids
    KTU Startup Space